People Newspapers, Real Estate Quarterly: Chef Embraces Tradition, Technology

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Chef Embraces Tradition, Techonology

By Margaux Anbouba

Thirty years after he began his career, Chris Wad still keeps his copy of The Escoffier — the cookbook in which he learned how to properly cook French food — close at hand.

"I must have 1,000 cookbooks in my home," he said. "But two of my favorites are my 1930 edition of  The Epicurean and my copy of Escoffier, the cook's bible. It is about 30 years old. I used to carry it everywhere with me when I was first starting out."

In a kitchen filled with Electrolux appliances, the most used tool is his Kitchen Aid mixer.

"It's the most versatile appliance," he said. "I use the attachment for pasta all the time. We make a lot of pizza, and it's great for making dough. I also love our extractor for juice because [my wife] Rebecca loves fresh grapefruit juice."

While whipping up some French fare, Ward's favorite pan to cook sautés in is his "heavy-duty iron skillet. I know they are ugly, but they never warp and nothing sticks to them."

He also uses a lot of copper pans, which can be a pain to clean.

"The best way to clean a copper pan is to mix together salt, flour, water, and vinegar," he said. "This cleaning method has been around forever, and it's cheap."

Ward's Far North Dallas home boasts both an indoor and outdoor kitchen.

"Usually on Sunday or Monday, when I'm off, I like to cook something in my outdoor kitchen." The outdoor kitchen, placed by his pool, has a rotisserie, an Aztec wood-burning grill, "same as we have in the restaurant," and a Hasty-Bake charcoal over, "which I love because you can use it as an over or a smoker."