My family likes to joke that they never know what my hair is going to look like when I show up for a visit. And I think that describes me really well—I'm a committed chameleon. 

The reinvention of my exterior—through makeup, dyeing and cutting my hair, and my colorful collection of vintage clothing—has both become my hallmark and serves as excellent fodder for my storytelling. (Like when Georgia May Jagger taught me how to dye my hair at home, results to the right.) 

But the person who shows up to do the work remains the same: I'm imaginative, thorough, and dedicated to creating the best product possible.

I'm currently the senior beauty and wellness editor at Vogue. Previously, I was on staff at ELLE, goop, and D Magazine, as well as written for USA TODAY titles Modern Woman and The Best Years, and “Into the Gloss.”