Park Cities People: Craig to Receive Folsom Award

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Craig to Receive Folsom Award
Longtime minister to be honored for his leadership

By Margaux Anbouba

Life after retirement has been busy for the Rev. Mark Craig. It’s been five months since he left his position as senior minister at Highland Park United Methodist Church, but Craig’s schedule hasn’t slowed down. Next on his to-do list: accept the Robert S. Folsom Leadership Award from Methodist Health System.

Established in 2005, the Folsom award “recognizes individuals whose demonstrated commitment and excellence in community leadership emulate the achievements of former Dallas Mayor Robert S. Folsom,” according to Methodist’s website.

“Mr. Folsom was just a great person,” Craig said. “He was a great leader, and to receive this award with his name is quite an honor.”

Craig will accept the award at a banquet on Tuesday. The fundraising year has been record breaking thus far, garnering $1.3 million through events associated with the Folsom award. Per tradition, the winner selects how the funds will be distributed within Methodist Health System.

“The recipient gets to direct what the proceeds will go to,” said April Box Chamberlain, the president and CEO of Methodist Health System Foundation. “Mark has chosen for it to go to the construction of our [emergency department] trauma tower that will open next fall.”

Two of the many people speaking Craig’s praises at an Aug. 27 patron party were the hosts, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, and his wife, Brill. The couple, who are members of Highland Park United Methodist, have known Craig for 18 years.

“He’s made me a better person, he’s made me a better coach, and I tell his stories a lot,” Jason said. “Keep this among us, but a lot of what Mark Craig says shows up in front of the Dallas Cowboys.”