goop: Clean Beauty Swap: Assistant Beauty Editor Margaux Anbouba

Losing your luggage is never fun; losing a suitcase packed for two weeks’ worth of traveling and visiting family in the Middle East is a serious bummer. The silver lining for Margaux Anbouba, however: she was just starting as goop’s assistant beauty editor the following week. “I knew I was going to need to switch over my conventional-beauty essentials to new, clean, non-toxic ones anyway,” she says. “This just jumpstarted the whole process—I had packed all of my favorite beauty products (along with all my favorite outfits) into my giant suitcase, so I lost, well, everything.”

So Anbouba’s first weeks at goop involved a flurry of product swap-outs—everything from makeup to skincare—along with learning about the potential toxins in conventional beauty products. Her new favorites (see below) go far beyond being simply toxin-free, however. “I’ve started getting compliments on my ‘goop glow,’” she says. “I really think it’s the new routine.” And after that original silver lining, two months later came another. “One day, the suitcase just showed up,” she reports. “I could not believe it—my shoes, the ones I’d imagined someone else was dancing in, my dress I knew I could never replace because it had belonged to my mom—all were safe and sound.”

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