ELLE Magazine: Gilded Lily

The showstopping enamel hair accessories at Fendi’s spring 2022 disco-themed show were a stroke of (budding) genius. The ombré blooms, designed by Fendi’s artistic director of jewelry, Delfina Delerez Fendi, recall artist Antonio Lopez’s 1977 photo of a model with red flamingo lilies in her hair. Lopez, whose artwork from the 1960s and 1970s influenced much of the new Fendi collection, was known for his glam, groovy aesthetic—as well as his friendship with former Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld. To showcase Fendi’s arul lilies, like the one shown here ($1,750; fendi.com), hairstylist Guido Palau slid them into snug chignons—ensuring they’d stay vibrant until the last dance. —Margaux Anbouba