ELLE Magazine: Do the Twist


This otherworldly take on the chignon, created for Schiaparelli by legendary hairstylist Guido Palau, was inspired by the aerodynamic helmets worn by cyclists. “It feels traditional and classic because it’s very polished,” Palau says, but “it has a foot in the future because of the elongated shape of the back, which gives it an alien-y feeling.” Model Iman Kaumann’s of-the-moment copper hair color and septum piercing also root it firmly in the present. Palau used a sculpted pad for shape, but you can try an easier technique by using an old-school hair secret, recently rediscovered by the TikTok set (watch @the_minimal_hair for the perfect how-to). Create a sleek updo with a simple twist, securing the hair with a U-shaped pin that oers more texture and volume than a regular elastic or bobby pins. “Whatever way you do it, there’s something so beautiful about how it lengthens the neck and creates such elegant proportions,” Palau adds. —MARGAUX ANBOUBA