Living Well Special Section: Super School Snacks

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Super School Snacks

Written by Margaux Anbouba
Staff Photography by Andrew Buckley

Heading back to school can be stressful with all of the supply shopping, scheduling, and summer reading. Instead of letting your kiddos get hangry (hungry + angry), give their brains and tummies a boost with these delicious and, more importantly, nutritious snacks. 

Trail Mix
"Snacks are an important part of energizing kids for learning," said Dana Roseman, a dietitian based at the Jewish Community Center. "An easy healthy snack is a homemade trail mix that kids can help to make: mix high-fiber cereal or pretzels, dried fruits, and nuts or seeds if allowed at your child's school."

"You can never go wrong with fresh fruit like an apple or a banana or a bunch of grapes, something that doesn't require peeling on messing with it," said Lona Sandon, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at UT Southwestern Medical Center. "Fruit has Vitamin C and fiber."

Cottage-cheese Dip
"Kids (and adults!) tend to reach for sugary treats when they are feeling tired," said Dr. Marlon Padilla, medical director at Hillcrest Medica. "Add a side of cottage-cheese dip for the kids to dunk their vegetable or fruit slices deep into. Cottage-cheese dip packs in protein, keeping you and the kids satisfied until dinner time."

Hummus and Crackers
"As a mom who packs a lunch for her kids, I always include a fruit, a veggie, some protein, and a calcium source," said Meridan Zerner, a Cooper Clinic dietitian. "One of my favorites is a snack pack of hummus along with quality whole-grain crackers. This provides energy, carbohydrates, and some protein. Kids love to dip."