Preston Hollow People: Despite Loss, Bru Crew Stays True Blue to Charity

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Despite Loss, Bru Crew Stays Ture Blue to Charity

I spent the morning before Blondes vs. Brunettes powder-puff game shopping for a new pair of shoes. But before you roll your eyes, rest assured that I wasn't searching for any old pair of wedges or pumps — I wanted a pair of Nike cleats.

The purchase of football cleats (a boy's size four and a half, thank you very much) is my admittance that after five weeks of flag-football practices, I'm hooked. It didn't really hit me until I stepped on the field at Roffino Stadium on Saturday night, "kill pink" emblazoned on my knuckles.

Everything about the game, from the fans to the field, was high-intensity. In the locker room our coaches surprised the team with their Bru Crew uniform — argyle sweaters, bow ties, and knee-high socks. They pumped us up with speeches and cheers akin to Any Given Sunday, except that we were chanting things like "bottle blondes" and "Bru Crew." 

We started the game out strong, but by the time the first half was over, the Blondes were in the lead. While this was disappointing, it was even worst that I hadn't yet been in the game. Real talk: I know I'm not great, but I was definitely hoping for some playing time. 

Thankfully, I went in for the first defensive play in the third quarter and . . . drumroll please. . . pulled three flags! When Blondie Jill Nix (wh had recently added day-glow pink tips to her coif) lined up in front of me, I felt a little faint. Little did both of us know, I would be there to pull her flag every time the ball made it her way. 

"I was pleasantly surprised and very proud of you," my dad told me during a post-game hug.

Unfortunately, Team Blonde went home with the win. But that didn't stop the Bru Crew from celebrating at the after-party with country artist Kyle Park. We also had another amazing accomplishment to celebrate — Blondes vs. Brunettes raised $350,000 for the Greater Dallas Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. 

So, in theme with the celebratory weekend I had, I'd like to make a toast. To the money Blondes vs. Brunettes raised, to the hard game we played, and most importantly, to the new friends I made. Sorry for getting all sentimental in a sports column.